I'm pretty sure that everyone has heard about Wordle. Today, I'll introduce Nerdle, the newest Wordle-based game that challenges players to solve a whole 8-character computation in only six guesses. You begin with a grid that is completely empty, much like Wordle.

You should attempt to submit a sum that is composed entirely of distinct numbers in order to win Nerdle. Entering two distinct operators, such as addition and multiplication, is a good start. You have ruled out the incorrect operators if the initial set of operators proves to be incorrect. It helps you get closer to using the right set of operators.

When you enter a calculation, colors will appear to indicate whether its position is right or wrong. You will have to rely on it to rearrange to get the calculation right. Green tiles mean the number is correct and in the right place. Yellow means it is in the solution but in the wrong place. If a tile turns gray, it means it's not in the word. Good luck and see you in the game. 

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