Welcome to Polygonle where your word-guessing talents will be put to the test. In this game, you'll be presented with a series of shapes that correspond to the letters in the solution. Your objective is to guess the word in just 6 tries. Each incorrect guess will bring you closer to losing the game, so you'll need to use your deduction skills to figure out the word as quickly as possible.

With over 500 challenging puzzles to solve, Polygonle will keep you entertained and engaged for hours on end. You'll be presented with a variety of categories, ranging from animals and food to famous people and places, so there's something for everyone. And as you progress through the game, the puzzles will only get harder, so be prepared for a real challenge!

So if you're up for a mental workout and want to put your word-guessing skills to the test, then Polygonle is the game for you! Whether you're a casual gamer or a word puzzle enthusiast, you'll love the fun and challenging gameplay that Polygonle has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Start playing now and see if you can guess the word in just 6 tries!

How to play

Using keyboard

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